Here comes the best social network for Pets

AMApets will be launched in January 2016

It is on January 2016 that a pet dedicated social network will be launched, aimed at every pet that wants to find friends and love on-line. This new platform, created by BYDAS-Digital Communication Agency will allow pet owners to look for and add friends to their pets and find the best match for their furry friend.

The idea came up from a pet owner, Carla Maia, tired of trying to find the ideal match for her dog, Big, the Chihuahua. Her frustrated attempts resulted in a plan for a social network where pets could easily find the best match for them. From that moment on AMA was created, a virtual space designed and built to make the pets the center of attention.

This website will allow its members to have fun showing not only their pet’s beauty but their adventures as well, share doubts and events, look for other pets that share the same characteristics, from location to their biggest dream and find the perfect match for your friend using our Match Meter. All AMApets’ services are free except the ones reserved for professionals.





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