AMApets exists for you and your pets. We've created a network for you where you can find the perfect match for your friend. How can you do that?

Start by showcasing your pet, then find friends that share the same interests as your pet, select the best playmates for playdates and in the very end find true love for your pet!


How the idea came up?

The idea of a social network dedicated to all pet owners had to come up, obviously, from an owner, Carla Maia, who is passionate about her furry friend, the Chihuahua Big. Carla tried everything to find a girlfriend to Big: spoke with friends, family, acquaintances, created a Facebook page ( that lead her to strangers), took Big to adventure himself in some summer flings with some “big girls”, but we all know how these summer affairs end… So, 3 year old Big is still single! (But don’t worry because he already has a profile here in AMApets and in no time he’ll be out of the desperate team. Girls hurry up to meet him!) It was when Carla realized that an on-line meeting point where all pets could easily find their perfect match or make new friends was needed. It was time to move from theory to practice.

From the idea to the website

Carla had an idea and now she needed to materialize it. And she knew exactly who could help creating the best social network for pets. That’s when BYDAS comes in, a digital communication agency whose creative director, Luís Cordeiro, is a friend of Carla and told her that he would help her transfer the idea to  a fun, easy-to-use website, where pet owners could share their pride and love for their animals. Then the work began. In the beginning it was complicated because BYDAS allways has a lot of work to do and it was needed think in everything: logo, website layout, services, (well, all those more or less interesting things to put the website on paws). In September 2015 arrived at BYDAS an international reinforcement, Paula, who came from Poland and, in October a pair of interns, Sara and Paulo that completed AMApets’ team. From that point on the website started to run at the speed of a greyhound (for those of you who don’t know is almost at light speed).

All of that is really beautiful but:

What can you do on AMApets?

In the end of this entire story you might be asking: What can I do in the AMApets community? You can start by registering your pets and show everybody that you’re a part of the best social network for pets. In order to make your profile more interesting fill in all the data and ask your pet first to be sure you are putting the right information about it. After that, look for your old friends and find new ones that might be walking around here, add them all to your network. Have fun finding the perfect match for a long-lasting marriage (we already did our role of Cupid and created a Match Meter so you can see the best candidates with no effort).To all the pets that are too young for those kind of naughty things just share their adventures, the doubts that all good owners had at least one time in life and create events to celebrate the most important dates of your best friend!

Do you have a naughty pet?