Pet Dating Tips

AMA created these tips to help you make the most out of the experience of this network:

  • You shouldn’t share your personal information, like home address, phone number and workplace information on the internet.
  • In your “owner’s profile” choose a photo where other members can actually see you, please avoid photos with children for their own safety.
  • When you are writing a story of your pet on “Description”, try to be original and creative.
  • If you’re meeting for the first time, please bring a friend with you and choose a public place or a park.
  • Bring your pet well groomed when it goes on a date.
  • When choosing your pet’s match try to collect as much information as possible about both the pet and its owner.
  • Before breeding ask the owner for medical pet history.   


Important Note: AMA does not support, in any way, irresponsable breeding of pets. 

Do you have a naughty pet?