Choose a Plan

AMApets is a free community. However, in order to benefit from some advanced functionalities that are in line with each person's involvement, there were created 3 plans, for 3 different types of user:

Possibilty to create one Profile

Posibility to create up to 3 Profiles

Possibility to create an unlimited number of Profiles
View the last 4 people that visited our profileView all the people that visited our profileView all the people that visited our profile
Ability to consult and answer in the ForumAbility to consult, answer and create Forum topicsAbility to consult, answer, and create priority Forum topics
Access to events

Access to and creation of Events (max: 2/year)

Acces to and creation of Events (no limit)
No photo gallery

Gallery with 5 photos

Gallery with 10 photos
Inability to embed videos

Ability to embed 1 video

Ability to embed up to 5 videos




Ideal for ocasional Users that only want to benefit from, or contribute to our community occasionaly.

The Ambassador plan is for everyone that wants to be actively involved in this community, by compromising to help build it and spread the word about it.


The professional plan is a good choice for everyone that finds in the AMApets network an oportunity to manage and develop business or commercial subjects.



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