Cama e Transportadora SNORHAAR Luna

SNORHAAR Luna Carrier & Bed

Tried to get a cat into a travel basket? Or want a hip carrier for your small dog?

Traveling with a cat usually means drama. As soon as the traveling basket appears, the cat has disappeared! Hence why we went on a journey to find a way to make traveling with a cat appealing for the animal as well as their owners. And here is the result: a travel bag in which any cat would feel comfortable and safe. Because the bag can also double up as a sleeping basket, it always smells like home.


Before you go travel let your pet sleep in the bag for at least a few weeks to get used to his or hers new basket. After a while your pet will see the Travel pet bag as his or hers own property. Scent plays an important role to create a trustable bond between the pet and the bag. Try not to clean the bag too much and find out what your pet prefers as his or hers favorite pillow. The standard felt pad is the most loved one but it may be that your pet prefers something else. Find this out by testing various materials.



Slowly build up the travel process so your pet can get used to it. If you have a kitten or a puppy you are lucky. It is possible to make a habit of the traveling. It is important to start traveling from an early age so they get used to the traveling ritual. For example, small trips in the car or a walk through the park. Try not to travel the first time somewhere that is associated with a nasty situation.



As owner it is important to observe the behavior of your pet to prevent problems. If your dog or cat is bored and no longer likes the pet bag? Be sure to challenge it! For example by changing the shape of the bag, transform it into a cave, of or put another pillow in it.  Maybe even use your favorite shirt or jumper! Again, scent is important.



The designs are made of natural materials; vegetable tanned leather and 100% wool felt. Wool has got a self-cleaning feature. You can remove hair with the vacuum cleaner and remove any minor spots with lukewarm soapy water. The leather can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. For a long, beautiful life treat the leather with a natural leather wax. The bottom is made from EVA foam and is water resistant and can be washed under the tap. If you are not sure your cat or dog will make the travels without any accidents; place an extra towel in the bag so that any small accidents can be washed out.



made from:

Vegetable tanned leather, 100% wool felt




36cm diameter, 52cm hight (when closed as carrier)

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