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Cute Gumball Machine Fishbowl Tank

Your friends won't be able to chew the fish in this tank designed to look exactly like classic gumball machine.

You'll enjoy their reactions when they have a double take at fish swimming inside this water-tight, leak-proof tank when you offer them to take some gum. 




  • An adorable fishbowl that looks like an antique gumball machine!
  • A quirky and alternative home for your fish!
  • Perfect for Small Beta Fish or Gold Fish
  • Water-Tight - Won't Leak!
  • Challenge friends to put in a quarter, keep their money for trying.


A Fun, Colorful and Retro Home For Your Fishy Friend!

A fish is one of those pets that often goes unnoticed in the whole pet game that humans like to play. You can’t play with them like dogs. You can’t do battle with them like cats. You can’t really feel the energy that you might feel from a hamster or a gerbil or some rodent like that. But they do offer peace and serenity. Watching a fish swim around their bowl can pass the time faster than TV. The more unique and complicated your fish tank is, the more interesting your fish becomes. The Gumball Machine Fishbowl offers a truly unique experience for your fish! Watch as your fish swims around this colorful environment, complete with realistic-looking gumballs! Your friends may just forget that there’s a fish in there and try a take a gumball! Maybe you'll be able to keep their quarter just for trying.

You're Friends Will Take a Double Take And Wonder How You Did It.

The Gumball Machine Fishbowl is a great alternative to your regular fishbowl. It blends in with your other clutter around the house, and not many people may realize what’s inside until they take a good look. The bowl is easy to remove and easy to clean. Just don’t make the mistake of putting your quarter into the machine – you might not get it back! If you don’t necessarily enjoy the fake gumballs, you can add your typical fishbowl accessories like a castle or sand or anything that you think your fish will enjoy. So for a silly, quirky home for your fish, set him up inside this retro fishbowl tank and amaze your friends at how the fish and water don't come pouring out.


Check the Gumball Machine Fishbowl Tank review: 


made from:

  • Alternative fishbowl design
  • Non-Toxic for Real Live Fish
  • Realistic non-edible gumballs included

 (Fish not included)



16 x 16 x 31 cm


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