Casa de Brincar para Gatos POOPY CAT

POOPY CAT Blocks Cat Playhouse

Create virtually any structure coming to mind and let your cat chill, play, philosophize and sleep in your creation. Sounds like

The BLOCKS package consists of two beams, two cubes, tunnel, bridge, slide and two types of connectors.

The elements are easily folded and once clicked very solid, as tested extensively with various breeds, sizes and tempers. 
With the connectors you can attach the shapes, both from the inside and the outside. Due to modular connection slots on all sides you can secure BLOCKS on every half length, giving you lost of building freedom
BLOCKS stimulates mental and physical exercise in a natural way for cats of all ages. Especially for indoor cats this helps against boredom and obesity.

BLOCKS is suitable for all houses. You can build into all directions making it feasible to create anything in any room. Let your creativity be your guide and your cat the judge in this epic building adventure. Bored? Just unlock BLOCKS and start again!

Do you want to make a big contstruction, no problem, you can combine multiple BLOCKS packages!


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The biodegradable white coating is suitable for painting, go crazy!


BLOCKS by Poopy Cat - instruction video:


made from:

BLOCKS, including packaging, is made out of recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable. Additionally, BLOCKS also works together with animal protective agencies and animal shelters and donates for every product sold.



The BLOCKS package consists of two beams (50 x 25 x 25cm) , two cubes (25 x 25 x 25cm), tunnel, bridge, slide and two types of connectors. Diameter holes = 18cm

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