Hilarious Pug Dog Mugs

Hilarious Pug Dog Mugs

Pugs are some of the ugliest or cutest dogs you will ever see. Looks aren't everything, though!

These dogs are loved because they are loving, loyal and great family pets. Remind yourself of your favorite pint sized pet every day!


A Mug Like A Pug; Cute And Ugly!

Pugs are far from the best hunters amongst dogs. It has been proven that they would basically be hawk food out in the wilderness. No, it’s a domesticated dog and that’s perfectly fine. We didn’t breed it to handle the outdoors. We breed it to be a good companion dog for somebody who finds scrunched up faces and bug eyes adorable. So get this mug for your wife.

Great Gift For Pug Lovers

A pug lover is a certain type of dog owner. You can tell a lot about a dog’s owner by their breed. German Shepherd owners don’t want to meet anybody, Siberian Husky owners probably have a lot of excess energy to spend, and pug owners don’t leave the house much. Rather, the pug doesn’t leave the house much, they are just there to be cute and make funny/disturbing noises. The Pug Mug is perfect for somebody who loves those qualities in a dog.


made from:

  • Pug design on the side
  • Laugh at something every morning



Color: Tan/Brown