Yummy Donut Bean Bag by Woouf

Yummy Donut Bean Bag by Woouf

Use it as a simple bean bag for your pets or as a sturdy foot rest, the Yummy Donut Bean Bag by Woouf does look delicious.

It’s built out of a water repellent canvas with a removable cover that’s machine washable whenever required. Your fluffy dog would love resting on this and might mistake it with a large doughnut at times. The soft filling inside gives it that taste of cushion you can use as an extra seat either for your pets or even for yourself if required. What definitely makes this bean bag a stunner is the colorful donut design which takes it to a totally new world of bean bag designs.

This product is easy to clean and can be used outside. It is also water repellent and fire resistant.

made from:

Technical canvas with zipper and removable. Bean bag was printing Digital with Eco inks.

Filling: Polystyrene beans.

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65 diam x 30 cm


Made in Barcelona