Fallen Leaf Felt Bed

Fallen Leaf Felt Bed

Autumn is coming... Your cat or toy dog will love to play, hide and sleep in this new home.

Each Fallen Leaf Felt Bed is unique.

Cleaning: hairs easely come of with the vacuum cleaner
Washing: Handwash in low temperature water with a little bit of shampoo or soft detergents suitable for wool, or mashine wash on "wool" setting. Gently squize out excess water with a towel, form, and let it dry in horizontal position. Do not dry in dryer.


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made from:

Made from 100% natural wool, using wet felting technique. 



Width - approx. 34 à 38cm
Long - approx. 41 à 45cm
Height - approx. 21 à 23 cm
Opening - approx 17 cm