Cute Catillac Cat Playhouse

Cute Catillac Cat Playhouse

These fun and playful toy houses for your cats are designed to add a sense of adventure to their daily lives about the house.

Why spend an afternoon relaxing in a boring, plain old box, when there's the opportunity to become an L.A socialite?

Sit back and have a giggle at your cat doing human things and help keey them away from clawing your favourite sofa!

There's no need to glue or tape and they easily fold away of you need a bit more space around the house.

These carboard playhouses come in various humourous designs; the Tank, the Catillac, the Fire Engine and Plane.


made from:

Paper and card.


H27 x W28 x D47cm - Approx 560g


Foldable cardboard playhouse toys for cats!